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You go to a network of doctors for medical problems, but where do you go for wellness and self-care? Your wellness needs are just as unique as YOU are. Whether you are just a curious person and want to learn something new (Ex: Try Pilates for the first time) or want to master your craft (Train for a marathon at a high level), why waste time reading cookie-cutter articles and watching generic videos when you can talk live to a human expert in that area? Well, because even mighty Google hasn't made it that easy to find and engage instantly with live human pros!!. Introducing TaskHuman - With TaskHuman, you just search a topic (ex yoga, or HIIT or Clean Eating) and get connected instantly to live professionals over video call. You'll stay accountable, motivated and focused on your wellness goals all while saving time, commuting miles and cash. - On TaskHuman, every session is with a live human coach and 1-on-1 over video call, leading to a richer and more personalized experience, as opposed to other platforms that only offer generic content, pre-recorded videos and text-only communication.Or if you are shy or video call is simply not your thing, choose audio call or text instead. - Try a 1:1 yoga session with a yoga master or get personalized clean eating advice from top holistic health coaches. From just your phone or tablet!! - We've build in state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) to instantly match you with our providers that are online and available NOW. - We also have the most diverse network of hundreds of coaches covering a thousand topics across the wellness spectrum—including physical fitness, mental wellbeing, relationship coaching, life coaching, and so much more. - With a revolutionary pricing model, all coaches are covered under one simple pricing model for you. Just buy coaching minutes you need and use the minutes on ANY provider in our platform. Its that easy! - Enterprise deployments with unlimited coaching minutes available as well!

StartSteps is a guidepost for people wanting to start a new career in the exciting & promising world of tech. Our diverse team comes from backgrounds within tech, startups & digital education. During our time in these complementary spaces we have had the wonderful opportunity to meet a plethora of unique and amazing people. Seeing them start successful careers and realise exciting projects has been a true pleasure. Over the years we became more and more convinced that the open minded and agile world of tech offers an abundance of opportunities for those who are looking for new opportunities in life. But in a time where there seems to be an abundance of Bootcamps and Online Courses it can be hard to find the right fit, especially because it is clearly not a one size fits all situation. We have made it our goal to pave the way for people from all walks of life - to empower them to start a new career, and help them realise their dreams of a brighter future.
5 jobs gives visionaries the high-end tools and support they need to turn their blockchain dreams into reality.

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We help brands grow on YouTube with the #1 YouTube SEO software.

We envision a global community where members inspire each other and let their creativity run free. Creating beautiful designs can be a long and sometimes even painful process. We decided to tackle this problem head-on and have built Kittl, the most intuitive and easy-to-use design platform on the web. With offices in Berlin and Dusseldorf, we are a diverse team of 25 creators - hailing from 10+ nationalities - and benefit from the strong support of our A-level investors.